Government counsel

Chris Huhne has advised governments and central banks on improving their standing with the capital markets, foreign direct investors and other partners.

A former head of sovereign ratings and chief economist at IBCA and then Fitch ratings, where he was group managing director, Chris led the teams that brought many countries in Eastern and central Europe, Africa and the Middle East to the bond market in the nineties.

Chris was responsible for IBCA and Fitch first-time ratings for Russia, Poland, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt and many others. He wrote a book about the 1982 Latin American debt crisis, and was in the far east during the Asian financial crisis of 1997, and is experienced in the dangers of market contagion.

He has lectured at the Bank of Thailand (the Central Bank), and has advised other central banks and governments. In his advice to finance ministries and central banks, he can analyse strengths and weaknesses as they are likely to be perceived by the rating agencies and the international bond market, and can ensure that the potential sovereign borrower maximizes their chances of successful bond issues with low borrowing costs.

Unlike investment banks that provide rating advisory and bond issuance services, Chris does not have any conflict of interest but works solely for the sovereign client and does so on a confidential basis.