Writing and broadcasting

Chris Huhne is an experienced commentator both in print and on broadcast media. He has contributed to the Guardian, Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Prospect magazine and the journal of the Institute of Public Policy Research and the journal of the Institute of Banking.

His broadcast commentaries on energy and climate change issues include BBC News at Ten, BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Sky News, ITN News at Ten, Channel Four News and LBC’s Iain Dale show.

Chris Huhne was an award-winning economic and financial journalist for nineteen years for the Economist, Guardian and Independent, writing a weekly column for more than a decade.

While he was an MEP, he wrote a weekly column for the London Evening Standard. His recent pieces in the Guardian can be found here:


Chris Huhne has also contributed to academic journals and has written four books. This is the list of his longer articles:

  • ‘Building the green economy: green growth’ and ‘Going green has to be fair’ in ‘The Green Book’ ed Duncan Brack et al, London 2013
  • ‘The case for localism: the Liberal narrative’ and ‘The Economy and Climate change’ in ‘Reinventing the state: social liberalism for the 21st Brack et al, London 2007
  • ‘Global governance, legitimacy and renewal’ in ‘The Orange Book: reclaiming liberalism’ ed Paul Marshall and David Laws, London 2004
  • ‘Both sides of the coin: the case for the Euro and European Monetary Union’ London, 1999 and second edition 2001 (with James Forder, author of the second half: ‘the case against.’)
  • ‘The Euro’s impact on markets’ Central Banking, November 1998.
  • ‘The lessons of the crisis’, The Banker, October 1998
  • ‘Rating sovereign risk’ Financial Stability Review, Bank of England, London (1996).
  • ‘The Ecu report: the single European currency’ (with Michael Emerson) Pan (1991), also German, French, Danish, Swedish and Italian editions, 1991).
  • ’Real World Economics: essays on imperfect markets and fallible governments’, Macmillan (1990) and Penguin (1991).
  • ‘Economics to the left of the right’ in The Alternative ed B. Pimlott (1990)
  • ’Some lessons of the debt crisis: never again?’ in ’International Economics and Financial Markets: the Amex bank review prize essays’ ed. O’Brien and Datta, Oxford University Press (1989).
  • ’Private capital flows and developing country adjustment’ for Societe Universitaire Europeene de Recherches Financieres in ’The International Adjustment Process’ ed. Fair and de Boissieu, Kluwer, Dordrecht (1989).
  • ’An overview on economic policy’ in ’The Economic Revival of Modern Britain’ ed. Coates and Hillard (Elgar, 1987).
  • ’The economics of coalition governments’ in Political Quarterly (October – December 1986).
  • ’Debt and Danger: the world financial crisis’ (with Lord Harold Lever) Penguin (1985) and Pelican 2nd edition (1987), Atlantic Monthly Press, New York (1985), and Emece, Buenos Aires (1986).
  • ‘The forces shaping British attitudes towards the European Community’ Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Brussels (1985).
  • ’Issues in the 1984 European parliamentary elections’ CEPS, Brussels (1984).